Thursday, 20 March 2014

What are these How-To posts?

I was just going to jump straight into each of my sections but I decided against that for the 'How-To' section as it could maybe do with a bit more explaining.

This area is going to be where I post tips, advice and instructions on different skills and crafts. This could range from recipes, to how to write a book, to tips for surviving school. There will also be more crafty things, such as sewing, origami and practical instructions like how to make your bed.

I hope to learn new skills while writing this section and hopefully you will too.

The only things this section will not feature is beauty and fashion tutoials as those will be posted on a Saturday as part of the Beauty section of my blog.

Hopefully that has made it more obvious what this section is about and I hope you enjoy learning new things with me!


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