Sunday, 16 March 2014


Hi! I'm Charlotte, just another girl trying to interest you in her life. Jumping on board the bandwagon as my grandma would say.

So what exactly is Charlotte's Choice? Well it's a lifestyle and beauty blog that's main aim is to help me, Charlotte, find like minded people and hopefully help you, make you laugh or give you ideas you've never thought about.

Tuesdays will welcome lifestyle posts or as I like to refer to them, What's On My Mind posts. It will range from my days out to random things that catch my interest (and I hope will catch yours).

Thursdays will be home to 'How-To' posts (or tutorials). I will try to teach you new languages, crafts, instruments, and skills. I'm hoping I'll learn some new things along the way too.

Saturdays will play host to beauty posts. Overdone, I know, but hopefully my take on makeup and fashion (I am on a severe budget and live in the middle of nowhere) will make a difference. That and the fact, that I'm not exactly an expert at makeup.

Then on Sundays I'll update you on my life, just in case you're interested. Including the thing I've done this week that I wouldn't usually do. This week I started a blog.

So I hope to see you on Tuesday, for my first real post. A lifestyle post.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my blog.



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