Sunday, 23 March 2014

Life Update #1 (with Stock Take)

Hello! So this week I discovered something called the Happy Days Challenge, where you take a picture of something that makes you happy each day. Here are my seven for the week:
Monday. I was ill.
Tuesday. A Cup of tea is always useful when you feel like you're dying.
Wednesday. The sun was actually shining.
Thursday. I discovered that these shoes still fit me. I wore them to the party.
Friday. My mother's amazing apple crumble.
Saturday. I love to start a new book.
Sunday. My gorgeously comfy slipper boots.

So that's that!
And what did I do this week that I wouldn't usually do? I went to a party.
Song of the Week: Human by Christina Perri.

Taking Stock

I found this on another blog recently (I can't for the life of me remember which one, I think it was Sail Boat) and thought it was really cute and cool.

Making: Plans for future blog posts.
Cooking: Sausage and mash for lunch.
Drinking: Tea!!!!
Reading: Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher (seriously recommend)
Wanting: To not have to go back to school tomorrow.
Looking: At my Spanish Controlled Assessment without any of it going in!
Playing: Nothing. My Nintendo DS broke on Friday. :(
Deciding: Whether is is worth telling my friends and family that I blog.
Wishing: That my nose wasn't broken. (More on that later).
Enjoying: Not having been at school since Wednesday.
Waiting: For about four people to text me back.
Liking: Actually having some of my own money to spend.
Wondering: What on earth I want to do with my life.
Loving: Tanya Burr. I read all her blog posts in a day, and I mean all, even right at the start.
Pondering: If wondering and pondering are the same thing...
Considering: Giving up giving up chocolate for lent.
Watching: Brooklyn Nine Nine. Love <3.
Hoping: That I'm not going to need an operation on my nose.
Marveling: At how easily I can get bored.
Needing: Some foundation!
Smelling: My newly found lavender perfume.
Wearing: My onesie.
Following: Zoella on bloglovin. That girl is amazing!
Noticing: How the weather in England is slowly returning to normal after the brief glimpse of sunshine.
Knowing: That I should really be revising my English Controlled Assessment.
Thinking: That I have no idea about how to write an essay on Lord Capulet.
Feeling: Tired...
Admiring: Those who can be bothered to get up at five in the morning before school to do their hair and makeup.
Sorting: Out my blog.
Buying: New books.
Getting: Given lots of chocolate because of my 'injury'.
Bookmarking: Interesting blog ideas and cool hairstyles.
Disliking: Nothing much. I'm in a pretty good mood.
Opening: A clean page in my life story. :)
Giggling: At old O2L YouTube videos.


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