Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Breaking My Nose

It's a strange little blog post today, with no pictures. :( but I thought I'd tell you about my broken nose, how it happened, what's happening, because I think that it is quite an interesting thing that doesn't happen to everyone.

Basically, it was a Wednesday night, nearly dark and I was bringing the horses in on my own. One of them decided to walk in the wrong direction, I went to turn her around, she went for a canter but bucked up first... and caught me in the face.It was both of our faults, we'd gotten too comfortable with the hurt(s) like hell.

Anyway, so I had to make my way back to the house, which is a really long way with a broken nose and had to open about fifty gates along the way (Okay, it was more like five) and then when I got back, mum decided to have tea before taking me to A&E. Typical.

Got to A&E. Nose is probably, most definitely broken. Yay!

But at least I got two days off of school.

They're still not entirely sure what they're going to do about my nose. I have another hospital appointment today, but I'll be sure to notify you if I need an operation.



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